Main FAQs

Main FAQs

A back flow devicekeeps your irrigation water from flowing back into the public water system.

The back flow device is there to protect the public drinking water. In the State of Texas a irrigation system is considered a health hazard unless you have a back flow system in place.

The back flow device is made up of two components. We test each component to make sure they are working properly. If any fail to past the test we replace them.

When the red light on the Rain Sensor is on it means that the Rain Sensor has turned off the controller to the irrigation system.

Most likely this means that one of the diaphragms in your irrigation system needs to be replaced and the only way to turn your irrigation system off is at the back flow device.

Yes you can, some heads require a special tool, which you can purchase at an irrigation supply store.

We have a specialized piece of equipment that send an electronic signal down the wire from the controller. Then we use our specialized wand and follow the wire throughout the yard until we find the lost valve.



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